The superimposed Enslavement for ASSV™ Vision Systems 


 Designed to overcome the limitations of power systems:

• Small footprint;
• Easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning;
• Easy installation and / or handling within the factory of production. 

the system ASSV ™ brings together in a single machine system of pruning and the structure necessary to secure the robot.

Innovative elements:
Its components are designed so as to be used in various industrial sectors simply varying the materials in contact with the product.
Patented with care to reduce the risk of jamming and preserving the pieces from shocks that could damage its outer surface.
With an innovative vision system that replaces the traditional, able to bring the pieces directly into the loading hopper.

Moreover, the structure of the machine integrated with the robot support allows to contain the overall dimensions and allows the fixing of the accident prevention guards going to unite in a single block all the necessary components to function effectively and safely. 

The system, for its characteristics, is suitable to be used in all sectors and in particular in the food and pharmaceutical industries.




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